January 22, 2015

Blue Bracelet - Ice Blue Cuff Bracelet - Choose Your Color - Bridesmaid Gift - Boho Cuff Bracelet - Valentine Gift

by StudioDjewelry at http://ift.tt/1yRdhz1

Pink Jade Necklace - Unique Contemporary Necklace - Plum Wire Crochet Boho Necklace With Hot Pink Jade Rope Necklace - Valentine Gift

by StudioDjewelry at http://ift.tt/1sGGx8D

Red Choker Necklace - Wire Crochet Adjustable Necklace with Venetian Beads Bridesmaid Gift Bohemian Necklace

by StudioDjewelry at http://ift.tt/YwsN2s